Gutter FAQ’s

Q: What about my existing gutters?

A: While ASAP will take every precaution to insure that there is no damage caused to the existing gutters, on rare occasions accidents will occur. If we damage the gutters we will repair or replace them as needed.

Q: Should I be concerned with granules in the gutters?

A: Asphalt shingles are covered with ceramic granules to reflect water and light to protect the underlying material, and ultimately your roof. Your shingles experience erosion from water, UV light and heat. UV light and heat dries the shingles out; water wears away at the granules, some of which have been loosened by heat and light. Unfortunately, the more granules lost, the faster your roof will deteriorate. Hail storms cause a significant amount of granule loss and in most cases bruising of the shingles. If you suspect you have experienced any of these situations Call or email ASAP for a free inspection.

Q: What Types of Payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash or Check. Financing is also available in most circumstances.